Book a taxi to or from Landvetter Airport

When you want to travel to or from Landvetter Airport, you´ll get a safe and easy ride with us. We have fixed prices on all trips. Enter your address below to get the price and then proceed to book your trip.

Traveling to and from Landvetter Airport

If you travel to Landvetter Airport we will gladly help you by making sure that you arrive in good time and when you have landed we will be there to welcome you. It´s safe and easy to ride with us and we have fixed prices so you know exactly what the trip will cost. 

When you have landed at Landvetter Airport you can either choose to go to the taxi rank and take a Taxi Göteborg cab (keep an eye out for a picture of our taxi driver Stig on the cab) or pre-book a taxi on our web site or with our app to make sure that a taxi is waiting for you when you´ve landed.
In your booking you specify the preliminary arrival time for your flight. Taxi Göteborg will then monitor the flight and dispatch a taxi when your plane has landed. To make it easier, you can ask the driver to welcome you with a sign displaying your name. You do so under Notification in the booking procedure.
Time added to arrival time before your taxi turns up:

  • No luggage checked in (5 min)

  • Checked in luggage  (15 min)

  • Charter trip (30 min)

We follow Swedavia’s website for time of arrivals and update the booking after their updates.

  • After fifteen minutes, in addition to the time specified above, you will be contacted if you have entered your telephone number.

  • If we are told to wait, SEK 50/ten minute period will be charged.

  • If you do not answer, we will wait another 10 minutes before contacting our customer service to inform them to drop the booking (25 minutes after the booked time).

  • If you do not show up, a fee equal a taxi trip to central Gothenburg is charged.


The landowner (Swedavia) charges a terminal fee when traveling from airports and you see it as as an addition to the taxameter price.